Chef Rehman -the culinary nawab of avadh

When we talk about Awadhi cuisine these days , first name that comes in most culinary minds is Chef Mujeeb ur Rehman. A worthy descendent of royal cooks of Khansama Abdul Raheem , member of the royal kitchen of Nawab wajid Ali Shah and grand father Mohd Ahmed from the royal kitchens of of Rampur , Chef Rehman is rightfully continuing their legacy, promoting the culinary treasures of Awadh in Indian and abroad through numerous gourmet festivals and culinary workshops.

Vegetarianism and Muslim food often don’t go together but Chef Rehman is a pioneer of the unlikely Muslim vegetarian cuisine as he believes in sharing the culinary joys with the vegetarian folks.

When I asked him about his thoughts on Awadhi Cuisine, he feels that “the ultimate vitality of Awadhi Food being distinct, the super-refinement of food and flavors which lacks to be found in any other cuisines of India”. Catering to Royal and Elite wedding is also his forte, where he serves some of his culinary treasures like Bater Mussalam , Navratan Murg Korma, Zamidoz Machali , Rasawal to name few.

Presently he runs two restaurants in his home town Lucknow along with culinary business interests in Dubai and Jeddah. 



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