Teabox – The Tea Appreciation Session

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
if you are too heated, it will cool you;
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
If you are excited, it will calm you.”

William Ewart Gladstone


World’s leading online tea shop, Teabox invited me for an intensive interactive tea appreciation masterclass with its in-house tea experts recently.

Delivering the freshest Indian teas from estates in Darjeeling, Assam, and the Nilgiris along with Nepal to tea lovers everywhere daily , Teabox feels that an exceptional cup of tea has a more exalted place in the everyday life.


Founded in 2012 by Kaushal Dugar and based in the heart of India’s tea region and Teabox is involved directly with an extensive network of tea growers and estates across India and Nepal to offer over over 200 varieties of teas globally.Using its proprietary cold chain process, Teas are plucked, processed and packaged within one week . Thus ensuring the freshest tea on the market is delivered to customers’s doorstep.


The primary mission of Teabox is to ensure that every cup of tea consumed in the world is fresh, because fresh tea tastes best. With the path-breaking innovations in supply chain sourcing, cold chain processing and packaging, It has been able to successfully disrupt the 200 year old tea industry. The enemies of tea (moisture, heat, oxygen and light) has been kept out and the freshness of the tea remains intact with the help of these innovations.

“Tea is so much more than just a staple part of mornings and meals”.

(Quote Source: Teabox)


The whole idea of the session was to
  • create awareness among the tea lovers to recognize different teas and
  • how to judge the quality of the tea at hand.


Most of us, including me were quite ignorant about these two fundamental areas in tea appreciation. The other topics, such as tea tasting and blending, rest were quite informative for us, making me look at my daily tea with entirely new perspective.


Teabox tea experts also familiarized us with the difference between various varieties of tea from different regions of Darjeeling, Assam, Nilgiris and Nepal.We were also shown special customized tea blends such as Assam Masala and Morning Dew among others.fresh-darjeeling_black-teaThe TeaPac – the latest innovation by Teabox, that has taken the world of tea by storm, was instant hit among the audience. Many of us felt that this innovative experience of the sealed-at-source freshness will revolutionize the future of drinking Tea.

collage_fotor2_fotorI was told that these are the first individually packaged tea bags that are sealed at the source using a natural nitrogen flush.This keeping the tea as fresh as the day it was picked. What a innovation indeed !

TeaBox_acessories_mood,Among the latest addition to Teabox’s range of exceptional tea experiences, TeaPacs has introduced Teabox’s premium collection.This collection will offer the highest quality, loose leaf tea in a more convenient, on-the-go option without compromising flavor or freshness.


With the introduction of 18 refreshing varieties of TeaPacs, Teabox has the largest selection of loose leaf tea bags on the market. With the inclusion of some of the traditional favorites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, and exquisite blends like Masala Chai and Mountain Rose, I am confident that it will rule the tea bag market in times to come.

teapac-_-fresh-darjeeling_black-tea-3The entire session was truly enthralling with no dull moments of the audiences.And we made the most of this wonderfully informative and freshness-filled opportunity with TeaPacs with conversations and more. Each of us felt more connected to their daily cup of fresh tea after the engrossing interactive assembly of Tea lovers and enthusiasts.

Sold in boxes of 16 priced at INR 240 , the customers have a choice to mix and match any 3 boxes of their favorite teas.
All orders for INR 500 and above will be shipped free of cost.

Truly the world’s freshest tea !! #OnlyFreshTea


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