Naam Shabana- Critic Review by Bhavna Kant

Naam Shabana – Critic Review by Bhavna Kant , The Foodie Tales

“Touted as a spin off to the superb thriller ” Baby “,this movie is nothing but a failed effort to encash on Neeraj Pandey’s filmography.”

This disappointing directorial venture by Shivam Nair,surprisingly has been written by Pandey himself !!! There can be absolutely no comparison to Pandey’s directorial list like A Wednesday, Special 26 and Baby. In fact Pandey’s production venture Rustom was much better than this .


The story and the screenplay are the biggest letdowns. I found the thrill and suspense quotient almost nil.
While we are prepared for larger than life situations to get thrilled , expecting some coherent logic is not asking for too much.The sequences had lot many loopholes.The action was so below average and we got an inkling of it right from the first sequence in the first 5 min. I desperately hoped the rest of the movie doesn’t follow suit .. but in vain.

Manoj Bajpayee has been a sheer wastage here . Tapasee for some strange reason , sticks to the same flat expressions through out.

And why do they turn our dare devil heroines to ” damsels in distress ” the moment a hero arrives ( even if its for a 10 min special appearance) ?

The lack of editing and some unnecessarily stretched scenes added to our distress levels.

Sorry for being so harsh , but there’s nothing good to share about this one.

I suggest go watch Rahul Bose ‘s Poorna which I haven’t seen so far but has been very well acclaimed.

Score 6 minus 1 ( for building up such high expectations and grossly failing us ).

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