Food Walks : Breakfast Crawl With Ola Rentals ,Bangalore | India

Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.

– Adelle Davis

Breakfast has always been my most important meal of the day and I mostly ensure having a hearty one. The benefits are many , they provide us necessary energy and vital nutrients like calcium, iron and B vitamins along with protein and fibre. Several researches have indicated that these vital nutrients and energy sources if missed at the morning meal ,then the chances of getting them  compensated in the subsequent meals are minimal.

Last week , I did the unthinkable as I got up early in the morning while it was still dark and sun was waiting to come out. All this was for the “Breakfast Crawl with Ola Rentals” , where some of us were invited to be part of the 4 exciting breakfast destinations in the Namma Bengalore by leading taxi company , Ola Cabs.

OLA Rentals

Before I share my breakfast crawl experience at some of the breakfast landmarks , let me share some interesting facts about Ola Rentals.

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Launched: July 2016
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Category: Ola Rentals



  • Vidyarthi Bhavan, Gandhi Bazaar Main Road 
  • MTR, Lalbagh Road 
  • Koshy’s, St. Marks Road 
  • The Hole in The Wall Café, Koramangala 

Destination # 1 Vidyarthi Bhavan

An iconic and heritage south Indian vegetarian restaurant, opened in 1943 as student mess, is now one of the culinary pillars of the city.   

Must Try : Crispy golden brown Butter Masala Dose , whose authentic taste and flavor has remain consistent over the years. 

Destination # 2 MTR

Established in 1924 , Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, known more popularly as MTR, is one of the oldest iconic restaurants in Bangalore. They shifted to present location on Lalbagh Road in 1960, and has been serving its patrons since then with same fervour and quality.

Must Try : Rava Idly ; Masala Dosa ; Kesari & Bisibele Bhath and Chandrahara.

Destination # 3 KOSHYS

Founded in 1940 , Koshys is now a institution in itself , and has been a popular meeting point for intellectuals , artists and journalists, students and foreigners and is known for its old charm and ambience. Several dignitaries including our first PM., Nehru is said to have dined here. 

Must Try : Appam & Stew

Destination # 4 The Hole In The Wall Cafe 

Unlike the first three, The Hole in the Wall cafe is a new entrant to the Bangalore’s breakfast scene and its menu boasts of excellent variety diversity of all day dining continental breakfast options.

Must Try : Waffles , Smoothie , Egg dishes

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