The Calcutta Connection- the unique Bengali Fest at Double Tree Hilton, Bangalore

“The Calcutta Connection”, a culinary tribute to the cultural “city of joy” Kolkata. 

During the Puja every year, the metamorphosis of the Calcutta or Kolkata ,as it is called now , is truly amazing. There is hustle and bustle every where , and the lacklustre roads and lanes turning into bright , colourful streets of joy. The sea of faith and humanity throng to various Pandals for Darshan and there is aroma of divinity and festivity everywhere.

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To commemorate this eternal festive spirit of Durga Puja of Kolkata , Asia Alive at Double Tree by Hilton at Bangalore is organising the 4 day culinary feast from 27th September to 30th September , 2017. 

I was recently invited for the food preview by the hotel management along with few foodies with Kolkata connection, to try and provide feedback on the select dishes served to us from the festive menu.And for most of us , this was an occasion to refresh our good old Calcutta days over food and conversations.We were also joined by the Ruban Das, GM along with others from the management.

Undoubtedly it is the most unique Bengali culinary extravaganza, in my view ,to grace the food scene of Bengaluru , with 4 different menu on offer from gourmet melting pot of the erstwhile capital of India. Most of us will also agree that it would be a nostalgic food affair to remember, as it promises to bring back the vivid memories of all the “Probashi Bengalis” and also people like me , who have stayed in Kolkata for sometime in life.

The Calcutta Connection- a celebration of the unmistakable culinary flavours of East India during Durga Puja in the most vibrant and festive city !  Double Tree by Hilton, Bengaluru

The Venue will be ASIA ALIVE , a multi cuisine dining restaurant on the ground floor, acclaimed for its a exotic Pan-Asian menu.  Also known for its lavish buffet , brunches and ala carte menu , it has been host to many incredible food events in the past and I have been fortunate to attend most of them.

For those who love to indulge on a weekend with loved ones, their popular  Sparkling Sunday Brunch with extensive spread and free flowing beverages by the poolside is must try.

The 4 special events , signifying the region / event of Kolkata has been meticulously planned by the Chefs of Asia Alive. To ensure an unparalleled taste of Bengali cuisine, reminiscent of the foodie city of Kolkata, ,Executive Chef Anurag Mathur and his team has been joined by Thakur (Maharaj) Gangadhar Hati right here in Bangalore.Let me share the sneak peak on what’s being offered during the event.

Seen above are some of the starters served to us during the preview My favourite  Singhada, Puchka , Chana Jor garam etc.

Though it is a Buffet menu everyday, we were served the select vegetarian delicacies in a thali shown above. Below are some of non vegetarian mains served to us – Golbarir Kosha Mangsho, Rahamania Chicken Biriyani , Macher Paturi etc


Rajbarir Ranna- Saptami Special

Day 1 , 27th September 2017 at Asia Alive

The menu has the niramish (veg) and amish (non-veg) dishes created through traditional family recipes from the Rajbari’s of Bengal. Those visiting on the first day will be treated with Uchhe Bhaja ,Chaka Aloo Bhaja ,Beguni ,Moosur Dal Bora and Kumror Bara along with mains like Shukto ,Cholar Dal narkel diye ,Mochar Ghonto ,Dhokar Dalna ,Chanar Kalia ,Shahi Murgi ,Pona Macher Kalia served with Rice and Roti , Mishti Pulao ,Luchi and Sada Bhaat. The Desserts overs will be elated to have Malai chamcham ,Rosomalai Mishti and Doi Rabdi.

Bagbajar ba Madox! – Ashtami Special

Day 2 , 28th September 2017 at Asia Alive

The 2nd day promises an interesting food duel between the North and South Kolkata. The Ashtami Special menu brings the best of both worlds together with one of a kind experience with favourites from the famous cafés and snack bars. Thus capturing the spirit of the bustling Bagbazar Sarbojanin and the thrill of Maddox Square in one glorious buffet. 

Key dishes from the menu would include the Mitra Café – Mangsher Chop , Nizam er Roll in Mutton, Chicken, Egg & Aloo variants, Tibbati  khabar – momo, spring roll, hakka chowmein , Rahamania Chicken Biriyani ,Kashmiri Aloor Dum , Golbarir Kosha Mangsho and delectable desserts like Misti Doi & Chamcham.

Calcutta- 700016- Nabami Special

Day 3 , 28th September 2017 at Asia Alive

If you know Kolkata , then you must be aware of its most iconic and legendary Park Street. The menu of the day would include some of the famous dishes like the Chelo Kebabs of Peter Cat , the Kwality’s famous Fish Orly with Tartar Sauce, the ever popular Kusum rolls, Mocambo’s Chicken Ala Kiev and those mouth-watering desserts from Flurys and Upper Crust.

Experience Opar Bangla- Dashami special

Day 4 , 28th September 2017 at Asia Alive

A culinary experience reminiscent of a by gone era and of a land that once stood proud as the eastern part of undivided Bengal. One can relish the Bangali Fish Fry, Phool Kopir Bora , Lau er Ghonto Bodi diye ,Macher Paturi , Bhuna Murgi among others


The Calcutta Connection

Rajbarir Ranna- Saptami Special | Bagbajar ba Madox! – Ashtami Special 

Calcutta- 700016- Nabami Special | Experience Opar Bangla- Dashami special

Venue: Asia Alive | Date: 27th-30th September 2017 |

Timing: Lunch Buffet: 12:30pm to 3:00pm and Dinner Buffet: 7:00pm to 11:00pm |

Price: INR 999 including taxes |


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