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It was here in Bangalore , more than a decade ago when I came to this beautiful city, I fell in love with its coffee culture. And ever since then coffee has been part of my daily life. Nowadays, I crave for filter coffee , locally known as Kapi , whenever I am not in southern India. Thanks to the Britishers, who bought this amazing drink to the south India in early 1800s and ever since , one can not imagine life here without the cup of coffee.


The term “Third Wave” was coined in 1999 by Timothy Castle referring to a focus on quality[1] and refers chiefly to the American phenomenon, particularly from the 1990s and continuing today, but with some effects from prior decades. (wikipedia)

Third Wave Coffee Roasters are part of the latest breed of coffee brewers who believe in producing high-quality coffee, and promoting it as an artisanal food just like wine, tea, and chocolate instead of a mere commodity.

Just like wine and other artisanal products, these new generation coffee roasters believe and endeavour to the pinnacle of culinary appreciation of coffee in terms of flavor, varietal, and growing region.

They also look into other important aspects like buying coffee directly from the growers ensuring high-quality beans from single-origin coffee and not blends, lighter roasts, and latte art along with the production process improvement. 

Living to its name,the USP here is to serve freshly roasted speciality coffee in small batches from coffee regions like Afrikan estate of Biligiri Rangan hills , Barbara estate , Badnekhan estate , Bettadekhan estate and cold brew brand of Chikmaglur in Karnataka.

It also includes revivals of alternative methods of coffee preparation, such as aeropress, chemex, french press, pour over v60 ,ice pour over and siphon.

The price for two is INR 1000 and you can pick quick bites , salads m sandwiches etc with your choice of coffee , from classics to flavoured latte , manual brew to flavoured cappuccino or iced coffee to non coffee options like tea and chocolate drinks. 

729, Ground Floor, CMH Road,

Binnamangala Layout Extension, Indiranagar,




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