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Inspired by the 18th century shophouse boom during the colonial era, Shizusans story unfolds in our very own shophouse. Restaurant downstairs; a home-converted-into-a-bar upstairs and a menu that pays homage to the dishes you find in establishments across Southeast Asia. The ingredients used in them are fresh and honest. The techniques used to create them are true(source: Shizusan)

I feel there is no food like the pan-Asian ! One of the most trending cuisine of the world, and extremely popular among the food lovers globally , Asian food has been gaining audience in Bangalore too.There is new wave of Asian eateries in the city and leading the pack is Shizusan Shophouse and Bar , a chain of pan-Asian restaurants with established footprints in Mumbai , Pune and now at Phoenix Market city in Bangalore. 

Photo courtesy : Chef Paul Kinny


It has been inspired , modelled and named after colonial-era East Asian shop-houses or pub-style eateries where locals would gather to drink and enjoy dim sums and sushi. The one at Bangalore has warm ambience on the inside with the magnificent Tree of Life and a beautiful  mural adding eternal charm to its interiors. If you love musical evenings , the semi-outdoor bar inspired by Kyoto jazz scene will enliven the dining experience.

Recently I was at Phoenix Market city with my loved ones. Making most of this opportunity, I decided to try their extensive classic Asian menu, that has been highly recommended by many of my Asian food connoisseurs friends.


The menu here is creatively informative and lavish with choices of Sashimi, Maki rolls, Dim sums, Baos, along with the Asian Tapas, Soups & Salads ,Mains and curries served with jasmine rice, Staples and desserts. When I say Informative, I meant that many of the dishes have been pictorially described, making it easy for a guest to make a choice.

Luckily Chef Kinny was there and based on his recommendations, we started off with some delectable selection of Maki rolls from their menu. The first one, Peking Duck Maki, the smoked Duck rolled over with Hoisin sauce, Sweet Chili Glaze, Cucumber, Crunchy Wanton Strips and Scallions, was truly delectable. Next to be served were the Norwegian Salmon Makiwith Smoked Salmon, Sauerkraut, Philadelphia Cheese, Cranberries, Mustard Artichokes and Toasted Sesame.

And then arrived to our table, the most attractive sushi roll I have even seen. The pink coloured Sri Lankan Roll with Spicy Crab meat, Coconut Cream, Sambal, Beetroot Rice and Yam Crisps. It was followed by the maki from the northern Thailand, the vegetarian avocado and crunchy asparagus Chiang Mai Uramaki , with Spicy Sriracha Mayo,Bird’s Eye Chilies and Chili Powder lending the spiciness to it.

Above: Sri Lankan Roll  Below: Chiang Mai Uramaki

It was a easy choice for the soup for me as I opted for the Japanese Classic Miso Soup with plenty of Shiitake- tofu, wakame, scallions. Miso perfectly embodies the Japanese culture of ‘mottainai’ or no waste since it uses the product in entirety.

Dim sums have always been my favourite and here we tried the Lobster Moneybags with the tobiko, scallions, coriander, carrots stuffed dumplings.

Classic Miso Soup and Lobster Moneybags

There are some dishes that I love to try whenever I get the chance and Peking Duck is certainly one of them. Inspired by Beijing’s most hailed duck since the imperial era, the Peking Duck Bao has roasted duck, scallions, cucumber, sesame, creamy hoisin as the key ingredients.

For the pork lovers in the city , Pork & Jalapeño Gua Bao ,a 12-hour braised pork belly, jalapeños, slaw , is a must have. With origin in Taiwan, it is prepared from the sliced, stewed meat and other condiments sandwiched between flat steamed bao. Popularly known as hó-kā-ti, meaning ‘tiger bites pig’ in some parts of Taiwan due to the mouth-like form of the bao and its pork filling. Soft and succulent , this dish is truly divine.

Above : Peking Duck  Below: Pork & Jalapeño Gua Bao

My best encounter with Black Pepper Lobster has been in Singapore. The one at Shizusan was equally delectable with Garlic, spring onions, portobello mushrooms, cilantro, black peppercorns Black pepper, making me lick my fingers once the dish was devoured by us in no time. Highly recommended !

The preparation of the Korean delicacy Gochujang Buri Bop was treat to watch at the table.  The traditional Korean hot stone bowl containing rice mixed with miso style chili paste was bought to the table and the fillet of fish were pasted on the hot inner walls till cooked. Once cooked,  these are mixed with the charred rice and served to relish. Highly recommended !

Above: Gochujang Buri Bop

Finally it was time to order some Desserts. During my south Asian trip to Malaysia and Singapore , I was amazed at the popularity of the Coconut spread , commonly known as Kaya. To see Singaporean Kaya Bread Pudding in the menu was a pleasant surprise and we promptly ordered it. We also ordered the Thai Tub Tim Grob Cold coconut milk, candied waterchestnuts, orange bitters and Filipino dessert mix, Lavender, coffee & vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, jelly, red beans, corn, sweet rice crisps named Manila’s Halo Halo Sundae. Truly a deserving choice after a hearty meal.

Above: Singaporean Kaya Bread Pudding   Below: Thai Tub Tim Grob

Below: Manila’s Halo Halo Sundae

The Verdict

The extensive Asian menu of Shizuasan will certainly delight the foodies of city with their vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. The ambience is beautiful , spacious and has glimpses of old colonial Asian house with outdoors seating with a view. I found the place kids friendly with lot of space for them.

The meal for two would ideally cost INR 2200 ++.

I would rate 9/10 for my experience.

Shizusan Shophouse and Bar
Level 2, Phoenix Market City, Mahadevpura, Whitefield,


For Reservations: +91 80 6726 6655 / 4962 6655

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