Lifestyle : Cannes Fashion Week’18: Pure Elegance by Parna Ghose to showcase exclusive contemporary Indian ethnic ensembles at the GSF Awards Gala Ceremony

The glorious 71 st Cannes Film Festival followed by the fashion week during the prestigious Global Short Films Awards Ceremony will be featuring crème de la crème coterie to celebrate the spirit of fashion, music, movies and entertainment. Internationally renowned Indian-American designer,
Parna Ghose, will showcase her upcoming collection at the much-coveted Cannes Fashion Week which will be held at the Intercontinental Carlton on May 19 th , Sunday.

Contemporary Indian and eclectic ethnic fashion are the widely used words to describe the Indo American label Pure Elegance spearheaded by Parna Ghose. Hailing from West Bengal, her fashion aesthetics resonate a subtle art of finery. She is often described as one of the most innovative, gifted
and visionary designer.

“I feel blessed to be a part of the prestigious Cannes Fashion Week’18 and pretty excited to showcase our upcoming fall/winter collection’ 18-19 which is an ode to the Indian craftsmanship and
traditional textiles.” said Parna Ghose, President and Chief Designer of Pure Elegance.

The advent of globalization influenced fashion from the West largely, however, Indian designs and traditional arts have begun to blossom all over. Pure Elegance has been a staunch supporter of Indian craftsmanship, traditional arts and handicrafts and the objective is not just to “sell” but to
sustain livelihoods and preserve India’s traditional craftsmanship and its craftsmen and women.

Pure Elegance dates back to 2007 and you can admire the essence of Indian flavour in each ensemble designed meticulously to suit the needs of dynamic women worldwide. Although the “Indian element” is visible overtly, the collections are a good mix of modern and chic. Parna, a master at integrating traditional craft into contemporary context focusses on bringing the
individuality and exuberance through intricately detailed pieces.

Collection Preview
Inspired by the rich traditional crafts and handloom from several parts of India, “La Floraison” collection is an ode to women globally who multitask everyday effortlessly and bloom where they are planted. Each piece is tailored with finery to exude the essence of such bold, strong-headed and independent women with our vibrant and rich hues that are both traditional yet modern.

About Pure Elegance
Pure Elegance is synonymous to graceful and aesthetically pleasing Indian traditional and contemporary fashion for women who love all things royal and elegant. Striving to set new standards of visual expression, where West meets East, Pure Elegance is a label for women, by women and of women; to support and promote the Indian traditional craftsmanship and also showcase the beauty of our traditional arts at a global level.

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