Restaurant Review -KYO ROLL ,the Dessert Zensation in Bangkok

The Japanese have a word which summarizes all the best in Japanese life,yet it has no explanation and cannot be translated.
It is the word “shibui”, and the best approximation to its meaning is ‘acerbic good taste’. James Michener , the American author 

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My recent visit to Bangkok and southern Thailand was a gastronomic expedition , full of delightful culinary surprises. Kyo Roll En was one such dessert surprise for me in the capital city of Bangkok. I was on visit to one of my favourite destination in Sukhumvit , the commercial of Bangkok. Located on the Food court, the small outlet is part of one of the most innovative dessert company of Thailand , serving some of the very best of modern Japanese desserts with artistic flavours.

I was amazed with its wide array of Japanese Matcha Softcream and Roll cakes in its menu. It is a perfect destination for those with sweet tooth. For my Indian friends who may not be aware of Matcha, (抹茶, Japanese pronunciation pronounced [mat.tɕa], English /ˈmæə/) is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, with its origin in neighbouring China.

These Kyoto inspired desserts are must try if you are in Bangkok. The one below is their signature Zen Roll Set , the one I tried during my first visit to their store at Terminal 21 Asok, situated at the lower level. Priced at Baht 219 , the artistically presented platter was a sheer delight to have. Inspired by the Zen gardens of Kyoto, this roll cake is made from the Bamboo Charcoal is stuffed with premium Matcha cream and antioxidant rich Sweet Black Soybeans (kuromame) , auspicious staple of “Shojiin” temple cuisine.

For me , it was my maiden experience of Kyoto matcha dessert.I could feel the flavours of powdered green tea that had some pleasant bitterness but went very well with the roll cake.

The Menu

Roll Set

The offerings include the Bamboo charcoal flavoured Kuro Roll Set , Passion Roll set with passion fruit flavours, cow printed Hokkaido Milky Roll set , the strawberry yogurt Ichigo Roll set, Valrohna Chocolate Roll set etc.


 It offers  delicious variants like Matcha , Chocolat Melt ,Mango Blossom , Yubari Melon , Matsuri, Goma and Strawberry Cheesecake


A Japanese shaved ice dessert flavoured with syrup & a sweetener, often condensed milk.


The Japanese wagashi dessert with agar agar jelly, fruits, mochi, red bean paste, green tea ice cream and a good drizzle of sweet black sugar syrup

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