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3cd1fa0d-f329-4dd6-a5cb-2590c19d37b6Tuesday ,August 9th, 2016, Singapore

While the Singaporeans are proudly celebrating their 51st year of independence with parade and fireworks in Singapore today, the Bangaloreans too would take part of the festivities in their own special way

The beautiful quote by Cristian Bonetto, who wrote of his love for Singapore on Lonely Planet, below beautifully summarises his impressions of the country:

What I love most about Singapore are the sharp and constant contrasts: smoky temples in the shadow of skyscrapers, luxe condos backing onto jungle, old-school shop houses housing secret cocktail dens. I can travel the world without ever leaving the island. Even after countless sojourns, Asia’s little red dot never fails to make me swoon.

In commemoration of the independence of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965, award winning Pan-Asian restaurant, Shiro, in association with ExpatLife India, is hosting a Singaporean feast that would be serving a specially curated menu of famous dishes from the Lion City.


This specially curated Singaporean a la carte menu will be available for everyone for lunch and dinner between August 9th and 14th, 2016. Though the menu is primarily non vegetarian , they do have some vegetarian delicacies as well.

The complete menu is available at expatlifeindia.com/singaporeshiro.html. The average cost for two would be around INR 2500.


Let me share with you glimpses of what is on offer on this special celebratory menu. I will begin with my favorites first.


Must try during the fest is the Singaporean Chilli Crab. It was first created in 1950 by Singaporean chef and her husband at Palm Beach Seafood Restaurant on Upper East Coast Road (near the present day East Coast Seafood Centre. It is now the Singapore’s favorite all over the world for its sumptuous, rich, ever-so satisfying and unforgettable taste.


The mud crabs are stir fried cooked in in a semi-thick, sweet and savoury tomato and chilli based sauce. The dish goes well with mantou buns.Unlike the name, it is not a very spicy dish.


The chances are that things may get messy while savoring this luxurious, rich and ever-so satisfying dish. Therefore do not forget to use crab crackers, finger bowls, and napkins.



When you think of cocktails in Singapore, Singapore Sling instantly comes to our minds. Over 100 years old ,this gin based Singaporean cocktail, is prepared with an exotic blend of gin, cointreau & brandy flavoured with pineapple juice, angostura bitter & lime juice

Here’s a good news ! With each order of Singaporean Chilli Crab , Shiro is giving its guest a complimentary Singapore Sling. 

Perhaps bought over by the Chinese immigrants to the Lion city, Hainanese Chicken Rice is a ginger flavored rice and poached chicken served with soy, sesame oil & chilli dip.It is now one of the national dishes of Singapore.

final(18)Often part of food menu at Malay wedding , the Black Pepper Prawns is a savory aromatic blend of black pepper, oyster and soy sauces.Prepared first by Singaporean chef in the year 1950, it has influences of Malay, Indian and European cuisines.


Adapted from Indonesia, the Grilled Chicken Satay is a chicken marinated in sweet soy, lemongrass, spice paste.It is then skewered and grilled over charcoal.One of the most popular street food in Singapore.


Another delicate dish from the menu is the Cashew Chicken that is prepared with tender chicken chunks stir fried with hoisin, oyster and soy sauces.


For the its vegetarian guests , Shiro has Stir Fry Cashew Vegetables tossed with a combination of hoisin, oyster and soy.

IMG_4877Delicious and healthy vegetarian option,Tofu in Chilli Sambal is my pick from the vegeatrian options. Stir fried till
Golden with spicy sambal,it suits my palate.


Lamb Rendang – A slowly cooked meat preparation in coconut and aromatic spice paste is an Indonesian adaptation and goes well with boiled rice. Must try if you love red meats.


Perhaps the best soup dish in Singapore, Laksa Soup with Noodles is a mildly spiced coconut flavored broth with tofu and seafood.I would consider a bowl of this soup as a meal in itself.


Flavorful and spicy fried noodle dish with seafood , Mie Goreng with seafood is must have for the noodle lovers.

IMG_4798A hawker’s favourite chilled salad with peanut dressing, Gado Gado Salad is a great for summers.


9th – 14th August 2016

Remember the dates for this special Singaporean menu !


To RSVP for the August 9th dinner, Please click the logo above


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