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The ITC Windsor is celebrating “Highlands of the Western Ghat – Cuisine of Coorg” at Raj Pavilion.

The Kodava Cuisine

The natives of picturesque Coorg love to enjoy their food and drink. Like any other traditional authentic cuisine , they too believe in using the natural taste & flavours of their local ingredients and spices.The reason is quite obvious , their earlier inaccessibility as a land rocked region , left them with no other choice but to make best use to available local treasures from the forest like wild pig, wild fowl, venison, wild yams, bamboo and colocasia leaves. 

During their weddings, its usual for them to serve alcohol and non-vegetarian dishes. Their famed Pandi Curry or pork in a spicy and sour gravy made from Kachampuli, a black vinegar made from the black kokum fruit. Most of the meats are cooked in their own fats and no additional source of oil is used. To temper the food , fat is also used moderately.

Rice is their staple food and is base to most of the Kodva meals. Rice based dishes like Akki Rotti (a thin chapatti-like pancake made from cooked rice and rice flour); steamed rice dishes such as Nooputtu (rice threads similar to the Kerala Idiyappam), Paaputtu (a mix of steamed broken rice, coconut and sugar) are part of their food. 

Primarily the Kodava are non vegetarians and their meal is incomplete without meat dish, usually chicken, mutton, or the much-loved pork. Coconut is a common ingredient in many of the tangy and spicy Coorg curries.

Highlands of the Western Ghat – Cuisine of Coorg

Curated by Chef George from their speciality south Indian restaurant , Dakshin, the fest features some of the exquisite dishes from the region. Served in a Bento box style , we were served slow cooked pork curry or the Pandhi Curry, the mixed vegetable and lentils based Kootu curry , and the coorgi style brinjal dish with tomatoes & jaggery , Baine Bharthadalu. The traditional rice dumpling , Kaddum Buttu was served along with this meal. 

For the desserts , we had moong dal based rice pudding, Bele Payasa.

They are also featuring Kodava favourites such as the Nalla Mollu Koli Fry (Dry Pepper Chicken), Barthadh (Dry Fish), Erachi Barthadh (Mutton chops) amongst others. Popular vegetarian dishes such as Kooru (Red bean curry), Kummu (Mushrooms curry), Chekke (Pumpkin Curry) and Bollari (Pumpkin curry) will also have pride of place.


Experience the traditional flavours of Coorg as Raj Pavilion champions the ever green delights of the region!

Promotion Dates
October 15th – November 15th
Lunch and Dinner

Traditional Coorg Set Menu priced at INR 1250 + Taxes
Dinner Buffet priced at INR 1195 + Taxes

Raj Pavilion, ITC Windsor
#25, Windsor Square
Golf Course Road
Bengaluru 560052, India

For more information, please contact Aman at +91 80 6140 1205

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