Sameer Ali – The Fit Chef

Health has always been a concern for most of the hotel professionals especially from the Kitchens.Long working hours with inadequate diet usually takes toll of their fitness. The recent study has revealed that fitness is mostly neglected by the Chefs and their staff.According to the paper published in Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine , nearly half of those working in kitchen are over weight.

Sharing with you here is the story of inspirational Chef from Bangalore, Sameer Ali, who takes his fitness as seriously as his exotic kitchen preparations.As an Executive Chef of Toit, one of popular microbrewery in the Bangalore ,he is the perfect example of how passion and perseverance can help you achieve your goals in life.

Today he’s in Mumbai to participate in the finals of Fit Factor India. I was told that this show is judged on the parameters of physique and whether the competitor has the ‘Fit Factor’, so personality, presentation on stage, grooming, attractiveness and choice of outfits are all key to success.

Recently I met him just before he went for this prestigious competition.Here’s the excerpts of my tête-à-tête with fitness chef.

The Foodie Tales: Congratulations for being one of the finalist of the Fit Factor India ? How does it feel to be there and what motivated you to hit the Gym ?

Chef Sameer Ali :Thank you so much.It’s a great feeling being part of the final. I have been a fitness enthusiast for a long time now.Being fit gives you confidence and it certainly helps in leading better life.

The Foodie Tales: what were the challenges faced during your fitness journey ? How difficult was it to be a regular at gym?

Chef Sameer Ali : Yes I do admit that being a chef in one of the most popular pub of Bangalore, taking time out daily from the busy schedule was not easy. Maintaining diet while working in the kitchen is even more difficult.

The Foodie Tales: Please tell us about your journey in the kitchen ?

Chef Sameer Ali : Let me confess to you today. I never wanted to become chef and has always aspired to be a model / actor. However after struggling for over 6 years in fashion/film industry with no significant achievements, I ended up in Kitchen. Now as a Chef, cooking and fitness are my most valuable passions in life.

The Foodie Tales: What is your message for the aspiring chefs and people from the hotel industry?

Chef Sameer Ali: My message to my hospitality colleagues all over the world is very simple.Never compromise with your health.I want to be a role model for all those who do not get time to maintain their fitness.Time can never be an excuse if you want to keep fit and healthy. Keep your goals short and simple , so that they can be achieved easily and you can move to next level of fitness.Get out of your comfort zone and you will achieve it.

On behalf of The Foodie Tales team and followers ,I wish him all the best for the contest that is being held today.

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