Food Festival Review :Don’t Miss the Awadhi Food Fest at JW Kitchen , JW Marriot ,Bangalore | India

Curated by celebrity Chef Rehman from Lucknow , this one is unmissable for food connoisseurs and food lovers alike.

It is Dawat E Khas ( Dinner for Elite) from the land of Nawabs , Lucknow and and its nearby areas, bought to us by JW Kitchen in Bangalore.

MasterChef Rehman Mujeebur and his original Khansama team is known for presenting exquisite flavours of the Awadhi cuisine and this one is true mehfil of true flavours of Nawabi royalty at its best.

The Oudh or Awadh Cuisine

Having studied in Lucknow for my hotel management and known their food very closely , I can easily say that its uniqueness lies in very sophisticated sense of spicing. 

The two kitchens of this cuisine , Rampur and Lucknow , display very distinct style of cooking , despite close proximity to each other. While the former is influenced by Afghans and uses whole spices or the Khada masala , the later is more sophisticated or full of “Nazakat” or graceful cooking.

Thus the flavors mostly subtle and are balanced delicately through various spices and ingredients.For example , recipes will never use conflicting ingredients like saffron and garlic together.

The festival Menu at JW Kitchen.

Here’s the glimpse of what you can try.

Nafees Shorba : They have array of flavourful thin soups like Gosht Arq Shorba , Murgh Elichi Shorba , Gosht Dalchini Shorba for meat lovers and Veg Shorba Bhune Badam Ka , Dal Desighee Shorba and Tamater Shahizeera Shorba for the vegetarians. 

Gulistan E Kebab

The Kababs section has Murgh Tikka Mirza Hasnu  , the signature Galawati Kebab, Paneer Tikka Achar Masala , Paneer Pasanda , Paneer Anaardana, Kale Chane Ke Asharfi , Aloo Neze Se and Aatishi Khumb. 

KHAAS MAJMUA (Non Veg & Veg)

The Kormas are rich but mild, with little or no use of chillis. The specially curated “Khaas” Menu by Chef Rehman includes awadhi style fish dishes like Tamatri Machli , Kacchi Machli Ka Salan , Dum Ke Machli. The Quail and chicken preparations like the Lagan Ka Murgh , Murgh Deg Korma , Murgh Wajidali and Bateer Musullum are indeed a feast for the connoisseurs. The traditional  Mutton delicacies like Bong Zafrani Nehari Nawabi Gosht Stew Gosht Dopyaza along with the beef ones like Bhuna Gosht Bare Ka Bare Ke Nehari 

For the vegetarians , there is array Veg and Paneer mains like Ahamri Paneer Korma ,Paneer Hazrat Mahal , Paneer Mast Zaiqa , Potato Aloo Katli , Lazeez Khumb Mutter Khaas , Aloo Shimla mirch , Nawabi Baigan Bhurta , Gobhi Musullum , Tamater Dulmeh , Lahsunni Zeera Bhindi , Arvi Lazeez and Parwal Bemisaal.

The variety of Dal options like Ittr Ke Dal , Dal Saag , Dal E Dum too are part  of daily changing menu.

This cuisine as we all know is well known for delicious Pulao and Biryanis too. Compared to other well known Biryani from Hyderbad , the Lucknow one is a “Pakki Biryani ” where flavours are quite subtle with milder spices being used. Here the meat and rice are cooked separately and then layered together to cook in a Dum style to infuse their flavours. Zafrani Murgh Pulao ,Lucknowi Gosht Pulao and Korma Dum Pulao , Sheesh Pulao , Subziyon Ke Tahiri and Mutter Paneer Pulao truly represent the spirit of awadhi food at JW Kitchen.

Nazrana E Tandoor – Breads from Awadh 

Breads form very important part of the awadhi meal .There is a popular saying ” Roti (bread) and Boti (Korma) go together”. the festival here serves choicest of bread from the region like the Parantha , Sheermal, Lucknowi Kulcha , Naan E Tanak and Kishmishi. 

Mahfil E Asal – Desserts

The desserts like Chukander E Afroz, Anannas Halwa , Mirchi Ka Halwa, Sheer Khurma , Roti Ka Meetha ,Sewiyan Muzaffar ,Doodh Ki Kheer ,Leetchi Sewiyan and Piste Ke Kheer are part of nazarana from Chef Rehman for the JW fest.


The cuisine from Awadh is a culinary depiction of Ganga-Jamuna tehzeeb , the melting pot of Indo-Islamic culture and coexistence. The Dum style of slow cooking is distinctively Avadhi technique. Another speciality of this cuisine is use of rose water or meetha itr (perfume) for scenting the Korma , adapted perhaps from Persia. 

Venue: JW Kitchen, Marriott Hotel Bengaluru
Date: 26th October 2018-4th November 2018
Price: 1750++ and 875++ (for kids)
Time: 7.30 P.M to 11 P.M

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