Aromas of Andhra – Jamavar , Leela Palace (11-20 Sep 2017)

Starting Monday 11th September 2017 , the Jamavar at Leela Palace is hosting a 10 day long Andhra food festival, bring together a cornucopia of the spicy and flavourful cuisine to the city.

The Cuisine from Andhra is usually known for its rich fiery spicy flavours but it also has some delectable subtle flavours dishes in its cuisine too. The twin states of Andhra and Telengana have some local specialities exclusive to the area.

With the state of Telengana bordering the Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and  Karnataka , the influence of these states is quite evident in its cooking with use of ingredients like sorghum , millets and broken rice with a distinct aroma of spring onions, sesame and coriander seed. The semi dry and deep fried dishes with thicker consistency are known as Vepudu while the Koora are their main course curry delicacies.

On the other hand , the prominently rice eating Andhra Pradesh populace uses the regional hot Guntur Red chilli in most of its preparations. The coastal regions are more dominated by meats & seafood ,usually cooked in tangy curries and served with rice. The Ragi dishes like Ragi Sangati are more popular in Rayalaseema region while one will find bit sweeter flavours in the Uttarandhra region due to more use of ingredients like  jaggery, shallots and sesame , mustard and fenugreek pastes in their cooking. The Muslim kitchens of Hyderabad Nizams have also influenced this cuisine with its delicious biryani & other rice preparations , wide varieties of wheat and meat dishes,cooked using wide assortment of herbs, spices and natural edibles.

Jamavar , the name inspired by the intricate, elegant and rich brocades of Kashmir, is a premium Indian fine dining restaurant at Luxurious Leela Palace in Bengaluru.

The elegantly rich interiors with the walls embellished with pure gold leaf and artistic Jamavar wall paintings ,and the royal silver table settings complimenting the special culinary menu , all make this affluent dining place is a must visit while in Bangalore.

I was invited for the preview of this Andhra feast yesterday with few food reviewers where we were served the select of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes from their ala carte menu.

Here’s what I tried from their three course “Aromas of Andhra” menu.

The Starters

The Royyala Miriyalu Vepudu , a stir fried spicy Pepper shrimp delicacy from andhra , Venchina Mamsam , a dry lamb preparation with onion , home made spices and tomatoes , and Amaravathi Kodi Roast, a green chilli and curry leaves chicken dish from the capital city of Andhra , were served to us

From their vegetarian starters , the Alasandhula Vada , a crispy black eye lentil patties preparation and Mirapakaya Bajji , a stuffed and batter fried Bavanagiri chilli were served with array of chutneys and condiments. The ginger flavoured buttermilk and fresh coconut water were also served to quench our thirst, along with the meal.

The Mains

It included array of meat delicacies along with the famous Andhra yellow lentils, garlic and bottle gourd dal, Sorakaya Tomato Pappu , served with mustard & red chilli tempering, A must have for me with any Andhra meal.

Among my non vegetarian picks were the coastal Konaseema Royyala Koora , a fresh shrimps dish prepared with Onion , cashew & spices , the all time favourite Gongoora Mamsam, a Gongura leaves mutton preparation and the Bejawada Pachhi Mirapakaya Kodi , tossed chicken with freshly pounded green chillies and curry leaves. 

The Desserts

The sweet platter served to us included the famous Andhra paper sweet made with rice starch , cardmom and butter, Pootha Rekulu from the east godavari region.It is highly skillful, labour intensive and time consuming inexpensive sweet preparation. Also on the plate was the Kakinada Kaja , a deep fried shortened pastry in immersed in the suger syrup from the coastal city of Kakinada. Also known as Khaja in southern side of the Gangetic plains of Bihar and is also popular in the states of Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, and Odisha.

The Leela Team

The fest has been curated by Chef Purushotam Jayarama Naidu and culinary experts of Leela Kitchens , Chef Y Bhaskar Rao , Chef Giri Manni and the corporate Master Chef Indian Cuisine, Farman Ali.  

The festival has started today and Andhra menu will be available for the patrons till Wednesday ,September 20th , 2017.

The menu is ala carte and will be served both during Lunch and Dinner.

The Leela Palace,
No.23, Old Airport Road, Kodihalli,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560008

Open Hours:  12:00 – 3:00 PM7:00 -11:30 PM

For reservations: call 080 2521 1234

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