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The single malts and scotch has always fascinated me since I started having them some years ago. While sipping the best of international brands, I used to always wonder if we Indians could ever produce top and truly world class single malt.

Finally the proud moment for India came when in the year 2010 edition of annual Whisky Bible, “Amrut Fusion – our very own single malt from Amrut Distilleries was rated the world’s third-best whisky with a score of 97 /100.
It fully incorporates the spirit of Indian

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The whisky connoisseur Jim Murray found Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky as “ one of the great whiskies found anywhere in the world this year”.

He also acknowledged that his No 3 choice would surprise many but “The fact that it is Indian? is Irrelevant, from distillation to maturation this is a genius whisky from whichever continent.”

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It also the only Indian single malt to make it to the shelves of Harrods’ Whiskies around The World section in October 2011 among several laurels it has earned worldwide.

Recently, the Amrut Distilleries in association with The Glass House (TGH) organized the whisky appreciation session for the top food and beverage connoisseurs of Bangalore.

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The session involved the appreciation of the various undisclosed world’s top whisky brands on various parameters namely the

Nose -Taste – Balance – Finish – Age – Origin

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The location for the session was The Glasshouse Deli Bistro & Bar, on Lavelle Road, Bangalore. It is an Inspirational European restaurant, and Bangalore’s new premium Dining and Nightlife location.

The Glass House served us wonderful menu

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  • Stuffed mini eggplant roulade: hummus
  • Goat’s cheese lollipops: spiced romesco, dates and jalapenos stuffing, chilly lavash triangle
  • Rosemary margarita: san marzano tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh rosemary

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Non veg-

  • Chicken fire cracker: red dynasty cabbage slaw, scallions
  • Beef carpaccio: red wine cured, shaved ginger, togarashi spice
  • Lamb and jalapeño sliders: pickled cabbage, mini bun
  • Fish and chips inspiration: house tartar sauce, lavash crisp

Ashok Chokalingam who was named “Whisky Ambassador of the Year” at “Icons of Whisky” in London hosted us and took us through the entire whisky appreciation journey.

Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky gets its name from the fact that it uses two barleys: Indian and Scottish – with the latter being peated. It comes from Amrut Distilleries, the Bangalore-based company which introduced the first single malt from India to the UK in 2004.

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Shri Neelakanta Rao, CMD & his management team

Among other laurels, this liquid gold is the only Indian single malt to make it to the shelves of Harrods’ Whiskies around The World section in October 2011.

The Amrut team told us that presently it is sold in over 20 markets, including the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore and South Africa.

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 Rakshit N Jagdale , Ex.Director, Amrut           Ashok Chokalingam ,GM- Intl. Operations        The Glass House showcasing their wine

Rakshit N Jagdale , Executive Director and man behind this brand was also present during this occasion. He told us that he is happy that Indian is finally on an international whisky map.

For more information, you can contact them at

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