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I have been a big fan of single malt whisky since my drinking age and totally agree with Mark Twain who once said that “too much of anything is bad, but too much good whisky is barely enough”. 

The Malt whisky that originated in Scotland , are made only from malted barley. The process is usually by a batch is done in mostly three copper pot stills. The produce from an individual distillery is called the ‘Single’ malt whisky.

The journey of Indian Single Malt started in the 2004 when the Pioneers Of Indian Single Malt since , Amrut Distilleries ,launched the Amrut Indian Single Malts in Scotland.

It was then rated Third Finest Whisky in the World by Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2010 with the rating of 97/100. Available now in 44 countries with 25 expressions, Amrut has been winning laurels globally and has been appreciated by the whiskey connoisseurs and drinkers alike.

Food & Drinks pairing

During my hotel management days , I had learnt a lot about the food and drinks going together especially the wines with the food with thumb rule of white wine with white meat ( fish and chicken ) and red wine with the red meats.But that was years ago and lot has changed with time and.

Just like wine, whisky and food pairing is in vogue these days after the global evolution of the craft distilling. One can find lot many styles, flavors and variations of whisky as well.

The Art of Pairing is one such initiative by Amrut to bring whiskey and food together.Recently I was invited by Amrut for the special pairing session at Yautcha Bengaluru.

A Chinese Dim sum tea-house , Yauatcha serves contemporary Cantonese dim sum, patisserie using Asian ingredients and continental culinary techniques.The menu also offers wide range of drinks like tea, wine and cocktails.

The Yauatcha Soho at London has been One MICHELIN Star since 2005 and is known for “using top quality ingredients, dishes with distinct flavours are carefully prepared to a consistently high standard.”, as per the MICHELIN guide 2018.

has always gone together and pairing Whiskey with food too is a great culinary marriage 


“The Art of Pairing” is 


Nose: Floral and fruity with notes of green apple and pear enveloping a mild citrus note under its belly. This is complemented by a further teasing of Turkish delights and almonds.

Taste: Sweet and fruity with a very soft landing and transcending towards apple, sweet tamarind with a layer of spices; cinnamon and nutmeg

Finish: Sweet and spicy leading to salivation.

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